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Trip to Seattle WA, CONFIRMED

July 18, 2015 / by Samantha

All of the exclamations of excitement, ever! My long awaited and delayed trip to Seattle, WA is finally booked, and official!

For those of you who view this and know me, this trip started as a dream back in 2009. I always dreamed of seeing Valve’s headquarters, but at that time it was Just some idea I played with in my mind. Then as I started to play with the idea of a vacation there as I was getting my schooling underway in early 2011.

(below is Valve’s awesome lobby, photo not be me….yet….;) )

As this was going on, I started to think “Why can’t this be a reality?”

It can!

So I started to save money all the way back in 2011. My mom and I were going through a very personal and traumatic experience back then. Financial stability was a dream at the time, but I saved money where ever humanly possible and stashed it away.

During the 6 years it literally took my to get to this point of affordability, my little savings pool would be drained for financial bill emergency time to time among other things.

( to put it into perspective, my mom and I would have had to loose out on food, power, or water if I did not use this money. Those stories are for another post…)

So alas- it is Time! I will be there in August

I obviously dream to tour Valve, and at this point I am not sure if I will be able to. But I never lose hope. I can always stand out side the building, that is still something! And you can bet your buttons there will be pictures.

Other then seeing Valve, and possibly a few other studios, I will be playing the role of a regular tourist and having a much needed VACATION! I will also try to see if I can visit a few friends along the way while I am there đŸ˜€


For now, that is all I have for this update. As I plan more, I will add more.

Buh bye!

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