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Pre-DragonCon 2012 update

August 25, 2012 / by Samantha

Hello everyone!

I would like to start off this entry with a big smile and a sigh of relief. Up until yesterday, I was unsure I would actually make it to DragonCon 2012. Between school and funding I was really getting stressed out. I moved a total of 3 times in 2 months and having this convention in the back of my mind bothered me. I hated not being able to give anyone a 100% yes if I was going or not. But now- It’s a 100% YES! I booked my ticket yesterday evening and now I am frantically getting my costumes together.

In the cosplay department, I don’t have enough time for any serious re-vamps, but I will be bringing 3 cosplays with me: Chell from Portal 2 (might not have my long fall boots fixed), the Sniper form Team Fortress 2 (without my riffle…not airport security safe), and my Zoey cosplay from Left 4 Dead.

I plan on wearing the Sniper one mostly, since John Patrick Lowrie will be there!! I am so excited to meet him! I will be honourd to be in the booth with him and Ellen Mclain similar to Momocon. I definitely can’t express how excited I am to see Ellen again, and meet John :). So come stop by and say “hi!” And if you really want to be adventuresome, spin around in 2 circles while saying it!

In regards to my cosplay, I actually got featured on the website Kotaku a while back. There was a post uploaded about Team Fortress 2 and as I was scrolling through the image gallery, I was shocked to see this picture of me in the mitts of some amazing cosplayers:

Sniper from Shadowcon 2011

You can see the rest of the gallery and read about it here. I am trying to plan another photoshoot soon with my Team Fortress 2 buddys, and also plan a Left 4 Dead one as well. This Halloween, I am going for better hunter make up! (like this and this)

On another note, I just finished my final in my first Maya class. Wooo~

I have never worked in Maya before other then some .smd exports/imports for some Half Life modding. This was the first time I was able to model a character, rig it, build a scene, and a prop. The whole class had a list of an animation to choose form and …animate it. I ended up combining two options into one. A guy drops a crowbar (crowbar….like Half Life…get it? XD) on another guys knee. The characters displays 2 types of rigs: Puppet style, and IK chain.

For the actual animating part, we had about a week. Here is what my final version turned out like:

I am happy with the final result. I never really had a scene like this to animate before, so I really tried to get believable motion, and I think for a beginner I achieved that.

As for other things in Maya, I have a lot to learn. Here are two other things I have created in spare time for fun from tutorials:

I am still getting used to the many differences in Maya compared to C4D, but I am loving every minute of this.

I am back in more traditional art classes, then into another modeling class. SO expect more picture to show up in my portfolio soon along with more entry’s. I am doing my best not to have more then 3 months go by; that’s too long. At the same time school and work keep me quite busy.

I have not played the new CS:GO yet….but I have been playing a lot of Half Life 2 mods….and gmod 13 beta….:3

Well, Thanks for reading, and I will be back with an entry after DragonCon! And this one wont take months to get uploaded!



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