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My demo reel is here! 

Compositing reel:



Tracking Reel:

Here is a collection of some of my  old work. There is a mix of 3D modeling, 3D animations, and photoshop work.






Here is a little bit of RealFlow :)


this one is a little old…

This is an old animation I put together in 2009 that is more basic.


This is a really old animation that I put together back in 2009 using a lot of mulipass settings, and for something so short, it took me a longtime to try to get the effect right. I might re-visit this in the future and not only make it longer, but better.


Thank you for viewing :) I am always creating and updating.


One thought on “Gallery

  1. Benji Seyler says:

    Hey, this is Benji from Art 1. I am so impressed right now! You are already so talented with 3D. I am curious about your workflow. Again, check out my FB group: MindlessMunitions. Keep it up!

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