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Omni Expo 2014

June 3, 2014 / by Samantha

What a fantastic first year!

I had a wonderful time at Omni Expo’s first year in Orlando Florida! It was held at a beautiful hotel with plenty of space and photo opertunities.


I was there with Ellen Mclain, John Patrick Lowrie, Chris Pope, and Curtis Thorpe. Since it was the conventions first year, it was slow enough to be able to walk around and see the different things they had going on. I was there most of the time as TaliZorah Vas Neema from Mass Effect. I was not able to finish all of the costume, but enough of it was done in order to wear it around and feel proud!

here are some pictures of my costume:

1014309_10203729817706391_1485287798927652236_n 1959224_10203729816986373_582808521145164096_n 10169301_10203721605141082_5459057796217609674_n 10296577_10203729817266380_380961391842304882_n 10296713_10203729817106376_41144255163127755_n 10314476_10203721604741072_7508063613000909430_n 10330249_10203721605461090_4349837456705806951_n 10338699_10203721604901076_61011600127657676_n 10356363_10203729816746367_8585784029379640075_n 10390169_10203729817506386_5461039719768491122_n 10411926_10203729818106401_4502378414897935321_n omni_expo_2014__tali_by_pgw_chaos-d7jqbdn


See the Tardis!? And the ship form Battle Star Glatica?? Wasn’t that cool? :)

I met a lot of cool people during the convention and that is half of the reason I love going to these things. People are there with almost the same interests as you. A great place to find new friends and cosplay buddies.

(If you don’t want the pictures of you on my site, please message me and I will take them down. As goes for the last picture- not taken by me or Curtis. If you want it removed, please let me know)

Over what spare time I get I will continue to update Tali and improve for my next convention. Until then….I am also thinking of doing a Watch Dogs cosplay….I pre-ordered and loved game! It is everything I wanted 😀

I don’t know what convention is up next, but…

Until next time!

(this is how hip Curtis and I are…)





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