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New year! New 3D models!

February 8, 2013 / by Samantha

Can you believe it is 2013?

I sure can’t.

It was a crazy, but all in all good year. I can’t believe I have been in university for 1 year also! And some of the amazing opportunities that I was so very lucky to get.

Like for example… meeting Ellen Mclain and John Patrick Lowerie! What fantastic and talented people :)

(more information on that here and here)

I have, like always, been very busy with my school work. I just finished my first character modeling class! It was a hard but extremely fun class!

We started off modeling each body part separate, then combining them together at the end. Keeping in mined the whole time shape, form, and geometry/topology. It was definitely a great learning experience. I never thought I would be able to model a character from scratch in Maya.

We modeled our object in the order that follows:

The Hand (one of my favorite things to model) :


Then torso (Got to be quick hard making sure it was round, but to the reference) :


Then arms and legs (quite simple and fun) :

then, ear (fun but some topology got confusing) :

Face (really hard, but so much fun!) :

Then put it all together! (that’s where it really felt worth it! But was also really hard to make sure there wern’t any N-gons/triangles!) :


And rendered out:


I decided to try and sculpt hair. I never really sculpted anything before…so I think for a first time hair and eyebrow sculpt…they came out okay. The poly count was really hard to keep down, but I was able to drop over 10,000 of them ah ha ha.

AL in all I worked really hard on this and I think for my very first character, he came out really well. I plan to go back in and re-shape him. Improve his face, body, etc. I know of some topology improvements  and some sculpting I can go over and fix. But for now, I am happy with it.

The whole thing took about 1 month to create start to finish. Including the clothing development. I found that also to be really fun, here are some snips form that:



So that consists of my quick update. I am creating more models in 3D and am also working now with an xbox kinect to make some mocap videos.This character is rigged, and I hope to make some animations with him soon. There will be a post on here about the xbox kinect, since I find it to fascinating for MOCAP!

As always,

thanks for reading,


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