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MomoCon 2012 With Ellen Mclain

May 11, 2012 / by Samantha

So if you already did not know, I had a wonderful interview with Chris Pope, Ellen Mclain‘s publicist, a few months back (Feel free to read my entry about it to catch up). I was granted this wonderful and unforgettable opportunity and I will definitely remember and treasure this for the rest of my life. (:

So obviously, this is a really late entry! I can explain! First, I have been swamped with school work. Second, I just moved. Third….I was in Georgia for a while after the convention having some fun. And now? I AM WRITING THIS ENTEY :) be sure to note: I am writing this as if it is the day of etc.
So today marked the first day of momocon2012. I woke up om thursday the 15th at 5:30 am on Thursday, flew out at 9:45 am and got in and landed around 11:00 am.
I had lunch with Chris and I was really excited to meet him in person for the first time. I also got to have lunch with his wife and then later met his beautiful kids.
I checked into my hotel and all is good. I un-packed my stuff, put on the tv, and relaxed. I ended up passing out at 2 pm and waking up at 4:30 pm!
I was then surprised with a wonderful greating by Chris and his family bringing me some snack foods and pop. I was so happy I smile when I think about it.
I am so grateful l that tomorrow I will be meeting Ellen Mclain!
it still hasn’t hit me full force yet. But it will…lol
Today I woke up and got ready for the convention. I am very excited to meet Ellen! I am leaving at 2 pm to head to the con. I will be helping prepare the booth and…..see Ellen!!!!! The convention starts at 5:30 pm. I will be bringing my costume to change into when I get there. that way I will be able to help freely and go on the train (yes! A train called marta) with out looking like a…test subject.
I decided to bring not only my chell costume, but my sniper one as well. Surprisingly all of this fit into a backpack Chris brought for carrying stuff.
We got to the station, bought our cards, and off we went!
The train ride was definitely an experience. I feel like the voice that came on taking to you about your destination and your upcoming stops sounded an awful lot like the one in Half-Life….Which made it cool but slightly un-assuring.
Atlanta! What a big and nice city. We got off the train underneath where we wanted to be and grabbed some lunch.
 I have only ever done something like this once. When I went to a Canadian convention in Toronto called anime north.
After Chris and I had some lunch, we headed on our way toward the convention.
As I walked in the front door I could not believe how big this place was!!! And how pretty! This building had to be like….70 floors.
After gawking, Chris and I  continued to get our badges ( I was very excited to get a “guest” badge as Ellen and Chris’s assistant ^^ ) and continue up to meet Ellen.
We went to her hotel room door and Chris directed me to wait by the window to say hi to Ellen first and let her know I am here.
How exciting!!!
There is a video of what happens next: me meeting Ellen McLain! 😀

So once Chris gave me the go a head I was so nervous and started to walk toward her door…and here is a link to the rest!

Oh….my….gosh! How awesome is that!!
It took me a few minutes to calm down and try to relax a bit xD after I was able to do that, we decided to descend to the convention floor. Before we did that, Ellen and I looked over the railing of the floor her room was on and – holy cow! Was that high up! We both thought the exact same thing….the citadel from Half Life and a map in Team Fortress 2! How nice of a ice beaker is that lol.
So we decided to go check out were Ellen’s booth was going to be and descended. That elevator pops your ears going up and down…
It was so neat to take a second and look at all the con goers having fun and walking around. Then taking in the fact I was standing next to Ellen xD
After checking out a few things near Ellen’s booth I met a girl named Sarah who had already met Ellen before. With in seconds her and I become good friends :3 As time was approaching Ellen’s first panel, Ellen, Chris, Sarah, and I all headed out there together. Both dressed as chell.
So after some adjusting, I started to help Ellen out around her booth that night and the next few days of the convention. This was fantastic! I would leave to the panels she was in, but other then that I only left for artist ally then again before the con closed for some last minute items.
I can not stress enough how kind Ellen is.
On Saturday we got together with some other friends (and fans :P) from the convention to have some dinner with ellen. and even that at first my brain did not understand.
(hopefully you guys don’t mined these pictures..XD not one of me in there ah ha ha)
After a lot of work and laughs it was time to depart on Sunday. Ellen worked so hard and I had a blast working with her and Chris (and Sarah!….no Sun puns, okay Sarah?). I can’t wait for the next convention and maybe next time I get to meet John~
I want to again thank Chris, Ellen, and John for everything. Seriously.
I will cut this blog short for now, and maybe re-edit it with more details. But for now, enjoy some photos I would like to share from the experience:
(there are some repeating photos I can not figure out how to get rid of…)

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