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Mocap, mocap and mocap!

January 10, 2014 / by Samantha

(Happy new year! Post on that later-) Did I mention mocap?
2 months ago I had the best class ever: motion capture!
This class inspired me and finally helped me decide what just discipline should be. That’s half the reason this update is so late; I took my rigging art test. …AND PASSED! (More on that later)

Pretty much the class taught us motion builder, how to capture raw data, how to clean that data in Cortex, and then create the track and clean the animation.

As that was going on, he put us into random groups. Our final assignment was to make a video of anything we wanted with motion capture data. That was the only part the group was needed for.

I was thrilled! We all even decided and got approved to do a game related short! So I was eager to start. That is. … until my group became lazy and selfish. It goes as follows:

All was well at first. We decided on an idea,  we swapped phone numbers, etc.
However,  every time I would  set up a meeting or plan to start data clean up,  either no one responded or could not make it out. At first I thought nothing of it. I was busy also with work and class work.
But it got worse….

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 2.53.27 PM

When it comes to work I like to get it done right away. Especially with stuff like this that requires renders and rigs. If it’s done a head of time, then if something is wrong, we have time to fix it.  I really enjoy collaborating with a group also, helps with work loads, and ideas.

Well I will cut to the chase; for a while I thought I was just over reacting and every one would help out eventually.


I was terribly wrong…

I ended up doing The. Whole. Project. 


Let me also state, onece we recorded our raw motion capture data, we had roughly 1 weeks and a few days to finish the whole thing. Not including the fact we still had regular class assignments of other mocap data for turn in each day. Riggs needed to be done, assets made, scenes build, data cleaned, animations cleaned, light, rendered, etc. Not to mention, I had a job.

I ended up with a lot of all nighters, I’ll say.

But you know what? I LOVED every minute of it! I took it as a challenge. A really fun one, at that.


I ran into some pretty stressful issues along the way, especially near the end (bloopers are posted in the main video for your viewing convenience). A lot of weird name space issues, and weird weird rig weighting.,…break…things…..Like this:



Also at the end, I ran into spiking in the rigs that I could not, and did not have time to finish. NJot to mention the fact that one whole scene rendered from the wrong camera, so I had to scrap that part xD.

With out further delay, I will go ahead and post the video. It’s a story about Shepard going to a party to meet all of his friends on Halloween.

Here it is:


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