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Maya, Oh Maya

November 11, 2012 / by Samantha

This is a quick update-I have been so busy with school and work that I don’t even know what to say! My entry’s have been so spaced out, but hopefully still entertaining.

I have had so much fun doing my 3D work in Maya. As I go about  my school work I gather up some side projects to help me along with the learning process. It is one thing to learn something, another to practice. Once you do that, you will start to retain information and put it to good use.

One of the classes I had (that I am proud to say I got an A in) was just modeling. We had to model a whole room from scratch for our final. This is the first real modeling class we get in my school at this point.

Here is a shot of the scene with some of the lighting techniques I am learning now in a different class (there is some aliasing left over):

Before I took both of these classes, I decided to attempt to model, light, and texture a scene before hand for comparison. Here is my tea cup scene fairly done other then some minor things:

I feel this class is very informative and tough-ish class. I am learning lighting texturing, and render settings all in one. What a interesting set of things to learn!

I took it among my self to to do another one of my side projects by getting a ripped model of Adam Jensen from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I started this a couple of weeks ago and I did pretty much the same thing I did with the Gordon Freeman model; I fixing up the models weight maps and rig to work with. And I started to work in Mud box as well!

I decided to take my scene from above, and put him in it….here is what I have been messing with. (I am not that great at textures (lol) but I wanted to get some generals down…more to learn!) :

And for today specifically, I decided today to model a gun for fun form Deus Ex, and here is what I have so far:

I am quite pleased with how it looks! All modeled in parts with minimal seamless modeling. I want to go in and add some texture detail and some more detail and call it done. Might do that tomorrow or so. I really wanted to model at least one thing today, and I came to the conclusion that I have not modeled a gun yet at all! So there was my challenge. I feel I met it well.

Maybe I will animate it… 😀 should be a fun challenge. Maybe I can do something cool with the smoke in my name….


that is all for now! Thanks for reading this quick update and have a great day/night.

Until next time, my friends!


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