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Late Dragon*Con 2012 entry

November 6, 2012 / by Samantha

(sorry this is so late! I cannot stress enough how busy I am with work and school now, but here it is!)

Dragon con was absolutely fantastic! I had such an amazing 4 days, words can’t handle it. Working with Ellen and John is one of the best things to do – ever!

I flew in a day before like with momocon to pick up my “guest of” ticket. That part already blew my mined. To think that here I am at a convention with a badge that says: “guest of Ellen McLain”. If you were to go back in time before November and tell me all this was going to happen, I would think you were crazy and playing a cruel joke.

After getting all the badges for the convention and taking some pictures of Atlanta on the way, I got prepared to not only go to a convention in costume, but to meet for the first time John Patrick Lowrie! and of course, see Ellen again. :)

I awoke at 6:00 am on Friday to prepare for a very fun and long day. For this convention I only brought 2 costumes: my sniper cosplay from team fortress 2 (for John lol) and my Zoey costume from left 4 dead. My Chell costume needed a lot of work so I figured to save time and money, use the costumes already ready to go.

So much happened on Friday I don’t know where to start. John wasn’t coming in until Saturday, but I still decided to don my sniper costume.

When we got to the convention it was about 7:30-8:00 am so nothing much was really going on. It was still really neat to be back in Atlanta and at dragon*con at that. Momocon was at 1 hotel, where dragon*con was at 5!

Eventually, Chris Pope and I decided to grab some food to start out our day so we went into the mini mall that connects to Marta. I got a smoothie and Chris got a epic plate of all breakfast fixings.
After that we headed to the walk of fame to help Ellen set up her booth. I was informed that I would also be helping out Rob Paulson when ever he needed it to through out the convention. He was right next to Ellen’s both, and I was also excited to meet and work with him.

Within about 20 minutes of helping them, the doors openend and fans of everything under the sun started walking in. It was like the calm before the storm…I knew the line would start soon! And I was excited for Ellen (and Rob).

As the fans lined up I turned my attention to helping out with anything they needed, but in the mean tine I got caught up with my friend Sarah and her mom.                                         After a while time seemed to fly by! At 7:00 pm the room closed down and we helped Ellen grab her things and pack up for the night.

After that, Chris, Sarah, and I went to the green room for some snacks and refreshments at around 8:00.

What a cool place! With all this awesome snacking food!

(picture of my weaing my hat the ‘cool’ way)

We got as well rested as we could, and then around 11:00 PM began our trip on Marta.


The next day was even crazier! John flew in,  and it was pretty much one exciting blur! We had a quick breakfast together, and went straight toward the walk of fame.

John is an amazing person. So friendly and great to be around. I was excited to now have met the duo that is “John Patrick Lowrie and Ellen Mclain”. I love seeing them both together. It is still surreal to me to have been around them.

Everything else during the convention went like the day before; the crowd lined up, and the day was amazing and fun! And the rest of the convention followed suit. And then…

I got the lucky opportunity to also hear Ellen and John sing!

I can’t describe how amazing that was. I have dreamed of this for years! I have always wanted to hear Ellen sing in person. It is one thing to blare “still alive” on a computer or ipod, but a whole other world of hearing it live. Not to mention I got to hear John play the banjo as well! Life achievement earned!

I took a video of this, but sadly it got a little messed up. The video got cut in half and you can hear me singing along… so for now the link is down. Sorry! However I am sure you can find other versions of it up on line.

So as a closing statement, I would like to thank Chris Pope again for this opportunity and all the previous ones, Ellen Mclain of course as well for allowing me to come here and work with her, and last but not least, John Patrick Lowrie!

thank you again,

and to anyone reading, have a great day/night~

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