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Final Stretch

August 8, 2014 / by Samantha

Hello everyone! Quick entry;

I am finally in finals. Finally in finals…heh heh….

I was working on some small projects before I hit finals (you can find them in the portfolio section once I add them), and now all my attention is directed to my finalized reel and polished website. Over the next few months I will be more busy then ever getting my assets approved and working on my shots for my reel. I might have time to post some rough side projects I am doing to keep my side creativity going. I am staying focused on my reel of course, but I have some ideas that might not be good on a reel, so why not just make them small side projects? :)

I am very nervous and excited at the same time to be near the end of my degree! I can’t wait to have some finalized work for my reel, and to start my career.


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