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Current Updates 2015

June 23, 2015 / by Samantha


It has been a few months since I added an update to my blog. This entry will probably be a big one, since a lot has gone on.

First on the docket: Current compositing projects.

After graduation a lot of random life events happened that honestly prevented me from work. Only until this last month or so have I actually been able to site down and create.

First thing to happen was loosing my one job because they went out of business. That brought a lot of stress.

11223710_10206409567378458_2833988171803273011_n garbadge

Then right in the middle of that I got in a very unfortunate car accident (not my fault) in which gave me a bad back injury.  I would show pictures, but because this is a current case, I can’t risk any issues that may arise or even talk about it any further.

However! I made time to at least do something related to the field. One thing that I started doing was some learning tutorials from this guy on YouTube: eosacro

I was able to make this from following along:

This was done all inside of Nuke! No outside textures other then the background.

He teaches very well and he is very easy to follow. I recommend checking out his channel! He also made an asteroid tutorial that I completed. I just need to fix some issues on mine before I upload it.

Here is a still of both the planet and the asteroid:

Asteroid_1 planet_1


Again, all inside of Nuke. The planet goes over procedural textures, and the asteroid is all about particles.

After I got into the swing of things I got inspired to make my own project based on Alien: Isolation!

Being someone who never really saw the Alien movies, and was traumatized by the ride when it was still around at Disney (and I mean the original! Not the dimmed down version) I was already hesitant to play this game because I was scared of it.

Let me tell you this….That game is AMAZING! It has sparked a new fandom in me, I then bought the first Alien movie and fell in love xD But it is scary. That Alien is so smart it will shock you and thus scare you, but you wont be able to stop playing.

One thing my boyfriend and I did was dick around with the Alien when we got frustrated at one part….I did upload it to YouTube, so here is the sillyness…. and our terrible singing (and for some reason we sang I Love Lucy xDD)

Other then that, I don”t really have anything to show yet of my personal Alien inspired project, I am in the middle of the roto, projection geometry, and finishing the Alien rig. I guess I can show the rig, I just finished the Alien’s tail…it has a lot of joints…


For the second thing on the docket, I might just go ahead and include that in a separate post. I started a few craft hobbies, and I have new cosplay ideas.

I want to keep these post for the most part small so it is not a big deal to sit and read them through.

Until next time!


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