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Classic 2D Animation

April 23, 2013 / by Samantha


It’s been a few months and I felt that there was a need of a new update today. So for this blog entry, I will go over my 2D animation class, along with any other quick updates.


At first when I started my 2D animation class, I was really nervous. I was unsure of my artistic traditional drawing ability to start, then the thought of having to animate my drawings on top of that made me feel even worse! However, on the first day of lecture our teacher made it clear we are here to learn the fundamentals– this is not a class about what your drawings look like, it is about how they move and animate to tell the story. Phew!

I learned a lot in this class and I found it really interesting. I had 2 previous Disney employees teaching the class and I feel they had a lot of knowledge to give the class.

It was fascinating to really have a hands on approach with creating animations frame by frame. I was already aware of this process, but I never actually made any my self. It’s a lot of hard work! But very rewarding!

After a lot of fun but hard projects (a lot of drawings, and a lot of making sure your poses are correct with timing, dramatic telling, and keys etc,), I came to realize I don’t think 2D animation is something  for me personally that I’d want to do for a living. However I certainly enjoyed the class.

I have some work examples I can show you of some of my better work from the class:

Fromt first to last goes through the progression of the course

These are my drawn animations, don’t use them with out permission.

Please click once to open a quick time browser page to view-you might want to play them a few times. I only added my favorites from the class.

ball bounce

Weighted Ball

stick with string


Walk with out arms fixed

Sit to stand


class room Me drawing

In the update field, there is not much new going on. I am doing school, and working on freelance projects.

I still plan on going to DragonCon this year, so there is that! And maybe some other conventions along the way.

No new crafts in the works at this time, but some new personal projects in the brew.

I will be updating my portfolio soon.

That’s all for now!





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