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Character animation, away! (quick entry)

October 13, 2013 / by Samantha

(fixing links and videos)

I really do like animation! Just not my profession 😉

However for me, it is hard. I seem to take a little longer to get my animations complete then others. And when it came to understanding a walk, I had to take my time to make sure I got it right. That didn’t stop me though! I powered though the class and really enjoyed it. I began to understand animation so much more.

In the class we primarily worked on walk cycles, building strong key story telling posses, and our anticipations and holds. We had some really neat projects! We had a lip sync project, a emotion change project, and a button push.


I will show you a few of mine. Keep in mined, this is not my forte. But I had fun! That is what counts, right?

I am going to show you the progression up to the final animation. In other words, blocking keys, moving holds, and anticipations until the final (which were our dailies).





lip sync:





So those are the two projects I liked the most. Was a really enjoyable class. Sometimes I would get distracted because animating is not really my thing. I still found it very informative. Animating is not easy! So to all the animators out there- you rock 😀


Later today I will make a separate entry for my current projects. Pretty big update- deserves its own spot.



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