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A little bit about me behind the lens and mouse…


Hello! My name is Samantha and I have a passion for the digital arts.

I have been interested in digital arts of all kinds since I was 12 back in my home town in Ontario, Canada.  I decided to pursue a career in the digital arts when I realized just how serious I was in getting involved in this type of career at the age of 16. I loved photoshop and photomanpluation, along with video games like Portal and Mass Effect. Those things helped inspire me to go with my gut and do what I love.

4 years later I was enrolled in a University for Computer Animation and through that, my skills as an artist grew along with my dedication and passion. It was a long and hard journey and I am soon to graduate, but I loved every minute of it. That degree led me to go to my first compositing class and realize how much I love and have a passion for that type of work. Even though I love rigging and 3D modeling, there was just something about getting into Nuke and working with those nodes I could not pass up. It held the aspects of things I was doing all along. Motion graphic type work, FX’s, and photo/video manipulation.



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